Renewal Application


How to Renew your
Minnesota Food Manager Certificate

Questions about renewal please contact:

When to Renew:

  • A Minnesota Food Manager Certificate has to be renewed every three years. Please check your card for the expiration date.

Step 1 Attend Renewal Training:

  • Register for a Safe Food Training Renewal Certification course or complete the online course.
  • Upon completion of the renewal class you will receive a Safe Food Training Renewal Training Certificate. This Safe Food Training certificate is required to obtain your state renewal card. No exam is required by the state for renewal.

Step 2 Complete the paperwork:

  1. Complete the Renewal application form
  2. Include a copy of your Safe Food Training Renewal Training Certificate or your personalized Online Completion Certificate
  3. Enclose a check or money order made payable to Minnesota Department of Health for the amount stated on the form

Step 3 Mail the paper work to:

  • Send a copy of the Safe Food Training or Online Training Renewal certificate, your payment and the application form, to the address on the state application

Tip: We suggest you keep copies of your documents