Frequently Asked Questions

Are Safe Food Training courses state approved?

  • Yes the courses are approved by the Department of Health
  • The exams are approved nationally by the Council for Food Protection

Are both classes on the same day?

  • Yes, customers find it convenient to have both classes on the same day.
  • Both classes start at 8:29a.m., with renewal people finishing at 12:29 p.m.
  • Certification people are done when they finish the exam. Usually by 4:30 p.m.

How hard is the Exam?

  • The exam has 85 multiple-choice questions.
  • You must get at least a 75% score to pass.
  • The key is paying attention in class and doing the pre-study work.
  • We have an excellent passing percentage.

In what languages is the NRFSP exam offered?

  • English / Spanish / Chinese / Korean

How long is the State certificate good for?

  • In Minnesota, the state certificate is good for 3 years.
  • In Wisconsin you need to take the exam every 5 years.

My MN certificate is expired. Do I have to take the full class again?

  • There is no longer a grace period if you expire,You need to take the initial course and exam.
  • Click on the state form and read the information on these pages
  • Or contact MDH directly at (651) 201.4500

If I fail the exam can I retake it?

  • You may retake the exam 1 time for a $75 fee
  • You may either attend the full course or just take the exam
  • Call us at (952)210-0195 to get a retake set up