Start Online Training

You must register for an online course before you can log in. To access your course please go to the link below and select the course you registered for. You will need your username & password.

CLICK HERE to start online training.

Printing your online certificate:
Once all of the lessons are completed, you should see a screen that says “Congratulations, you have completed the last lesson”. On this screen, there is a button that says “End Training”. If you have achieved a score of 80% or higher on each lesson, you can click this button to mark your program as being completed. Once you click this button you will get a red confirmation screen, click the Yes button to confirm the completion of the course. After clicking the Yes button, the next screen will give you the link to print your certificate.

Technical Support: For technical problems please call 1-888-827-1919 or use this link for online support:

The Recertification application process:

  1. Read & complete your state’s recertification application form
  2. Include a copy of your online certificate with application
  3. Mail to the address on the form with payment as instructed