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Safe Food Training offers both instructor lead and online courses. Here is a quick comparison of the benefits of each:


Instructor led courses On-line courses
Our instructor lead courses are scheduled at several convenient locations around central MN every month. Courses normally start at 8:29 AM. On-line course and available 24/7 to fit into a busy schedule.
The actual instruction time is 5 hours (8:29 – 2:15 with break time and a 45 min lunch included). Students must spend 6-8 hours to complete the on-line course.
Our courses are structured to cover all of the tested information. We use various teaching methods to assure all students are involved and challenged. Students can set their own pace and go back through sections as many times as they need to understand the material.
The learning environment is focused but non-stressful to promote retention. Each student can create the environment that works best for his/her situation.
The instruction is designed to encourage questions and promote discussion which introduces different prospective and leads to a deeper understanding of how to implement the information in “real” life. On-line instruction is designed to allow the student to pause the program and do research on items that come to mind during the instruction.
Our instructors always schedule time just before administering the exam to answer any outstanding questions and review all the key information needed to pass. On-line courses allow each student the flexibility to focus on the areas where they need help.
A MN food manager certification exam is administered immediately after each of our scheduled courses. Students enrolled in an instructor lead course are automatically registered to take the exam. On-line students must register for a proctor administered exam at one of our regularly scheduled course locations before starting the on-line course. These exams normally start a 2:15 PM.
In person courses are delivered in English. Available in English or Spanish