Food Safety Certification MN

In MN Food Safety Certification Equals Food Industry Health

Food safety is the basis for maintaining a vibrant hospitality industry in MN and the US. Consumers take for granted that the food they eat at restaurants and institutions is safe for consumption. This level of trust is not the same in other locations in the world. A key to the good reputation of our food service industry in MN is the high standards and enforcement of strict government regulations along the whole supply chain from farm to plate.

Managing a successful food service operation is not a simple task and requires expertise in several different areas. Food safety education is the foundation of that expertise. In MN, the state has set specific standards for every business in the food handling industry. Most every food establishment needs a certified food manager per location. The Minnesota Department of Health, Environmental Services regulates food safety standards and manages the food safety certification program.


Safe Food Training a MN State Accredited Provider of Certified Food Manager Training

Safe Food Training is one of the private training companies approved by MN Department of Health to conduct food manager certification classes and proctor the examinations. In business since the mid 90’s, we offer two different course options:

  1. We offer in-person food safety certification training classes at several locations in and round the Twin Cities. We visit each location several times a year to make it as easy as possible for our customers to find a convenient class. Our in-person classes use various classroom teaching techniques to make the material relevant and assure complete understanding. All in-person classes are taught in English, however, we provide the tests in several different languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.
  2. We also provide on-line CFM training that can be taken at you leisure in several languages. We are proud that over 90% of our students pass the food safety certification MN exam on their first try!
  3. If you have a number of food handlers that need certification and you want a consistent message for all or you want to cover specific issues outside of CFM training you can request a customized food manager training. We’re happy to accommodate your special needs in made to order training for your staff.

It’s your choice – choose an option and start your journey to becoming a Certified Food Manager in MN!