Restaurants Urged to Get NRFSP or ServSafe MN Training and Certification

So you’re at your favorite restaurant with your date or family, enjoying the day’s specials. Toward the end of the meal, you suddenly feel your tummy acting up. If this has ever happened to you, then you could be one of the 47 million, or 1 out of 6 Americans who contract food borne disease. This is why restaurants and food chains undergo certification programs like the ones offered by the National Registry of Food Safe Professionals or ServSafe in MN, to assure diners that their food is indeed safe.

Food borne illnesses can be prevented with basic food safety knowledge and practices. The NRFSP and National Restaurant Association, through its ServSafe certification programs, aims to educate food service managers, food-handlers and anyone working in the food service industry, on best practices for food safety. These programs encompass a wide variety of important food safety topics, including employee hygiene and health, receiving, storage, transport, prep and display of different foods.

Industry NewsIn a blog posted on the KitchenBiz website, the authors said that thousands of Americans are hospitalized for various illnesses caused by contaminated food and water from restaurants and some of them even die. To avoid this, certain steps and measures can be taken by food providers to eliminate the risk of serving contaminated food.

Both NRFSP and ServSafe training and certifications are widely recognized and accepted, meeting all Minnesota and federal requirements. NRFSP or ServSafe training programs for food safety certification in MN are provided by trusted companies like Safe Food Training.

Since running a restaurant involves serious amounts of money, it is imperative that the owners invest a portion in education and training, and have their managers and staff undergo certification courses. Companies like Safe Food Training can train restaurant staff in an engaging manner and increase their chances of passing the exams.

The front end of a restaurant is designed to “set a mood” and create a fun or whimsical or relaxing atmosphere but the back end is a serious business since it involves the welfare of the customers. The need to have managers and staff who are equipped and certified to handle food and employ safe practices is crucial to public health and to the long-term success of businesses.

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