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Social Media Marketing and the MN Certified Food Manager

Social Media Marketing and the MN Food Certified Manager

Using Social Media Marketing as a MN Certified Food Manager   When you get a large group of restaurant managers together like we do during MN certified food manager training sessions, break time discussions inevitably drift away from food safety towards other

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ServSafe MN Norovirus Prevention

ServSafe MN Norovirus on Cruise Ship

Recently, two prominent news stories broke concerning Norovirus outbreaks. The first was a major outbreak that occurred on a cruise ship returning to port in California where nearly 200 passengers had been infected. The second incident took place at Emory University in Atlanta, GA,

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Who Should Obtain Food Manager Certification MN

Food manager certification MN employee training

Who Should Obtain Food Manager Certification MN in Your Establishment Most establishments that process or serve food are required to have a leader in-house who has gained their food manager certification MN. While regulations state that this certification is required,

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Bare Hand Contact Rules for the MN Certified Food Manager

MN certified food manager no bare hand contact example

Understanding Bare Hand Contact Rules as a MN Certified Food Manager   Some rules within the current food code are clear on what is acceptable and what is not, but there are certain regulations where there are nuances that may

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Food Safety Certification MN Allergen Awareness

food safety certification MN allergens chart

Potential Allergens and Food Safety Certification MN With increasing awareness concerning the effects of food allergens, businesses that sell, produce and serve food products must make an effort to step up their training in regards to foods that can potentially

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