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Outdoor Service and the Servsafe Certified Food Manager

ServSafe Food Manager Tips for Outdoor Service

  With the weather warming up and the sun making a more regular appearance in all parts of Minnesota, many ServSafe food managers open up their patios, beer gardens and other outdoor eating areas. One problem that always arises is

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What is NRFSP Food Manager Certification?

MN Food Manager Certification Option

While Minnesota food manager certification is required by many restaurants and institutional facilities, there is often some confusion as to the differences between NRFSP certification, ServSafe training, and the standard food workers permit classes. At Safe Food Training, we specialize in

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Tips for Food Safety Certified Managers of Medical Institutions

Food Safety Certified Managers of Medical Institutions

When it comes to food safety, it’s always important to be vigilant, but when you’re a food safety certified manager in a Minnesota institution that provides meal service for elderly residents, patients recovering from surgery or those with special needs,

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Seasonal Menu Rotation and the Minnesota Certified Food Manager

Seasonal menu board for Minnesota Certified Food Manager

With the turning of the seasons, many Minnesota certified food managers look to change their menus using seasonal products to create a fresh dining experience. Many times, this change isn’t as simple as it might sound. Even altering one aspect

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