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How ServSafe in MN can Help Jump Start Your Culinary Career

Jump start your culinary career with Servsafe MN

With the rising popularity of culinary reality shows hosted by celebrities and book store shelves bulging with the world’s most famous chefs’ latest cookbooks and foodie guides, interest in culinary arts careers has never been higher. With this rising interest,

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MN Certified Food Manager – “Does this Smell Old?” Game

MN Certified food Manager Proper Food labeling

It’s a question that employees unfortunately ask their MN certified food manager all too often. “Does this smell OK to you?” Before you have to deal with the conundrum of trying to figure out how old a side of fish,

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3 Work Wardrobe Considerations for ServSafe MN Trained Employees

ServSafe MN Hair Restraint

Whether your uniform accessories are there to add style, provide convenience or a celebrity TV chef makes it look cool, there are several uniform quirks that every ServSafe MN trained employee should avoid. While the possible list of uniform components

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Top 10 Food Safety Certification MN New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions for Food Safety Certification MN

Now that the streamers have been swept up, the champagne glasses cleaned and New Year’s college bowl games have all been watched, it’s time to look forward to the new year. Hopefully, every food handler will resolve to be diligent

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MN Certified Food Managers Dealing with the Post-Holiday Season Slump

Food Manager Certification MN

The month of December is traditionally the busiest month of the year in the food service industry, but it is followed by January, which has the notorious reputation as the slowest. While at first the lull is a pleasant break

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