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Easter Bunny Renews Food Safety Certification Online to Keep Hunt Safe

Easter Bunny took food safety certification to keep hunt safe

Even though the weather on the East coast and here in the Midwest has yet to fully emerge from winter, the calendar says springtime is here, and that means Easter is just around the corner. While the Easter Bunny is

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Benefits of ServSafe MN Classes for Front of the House Staff


When food safety is discussed, we usually see food production or restaurant kitchen issues being addressed. We have noticed that training for front of the house restaurant staff is many times incomplete or overlooked. Something that we are often asked

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Health Inspection Tips for Supervisors with Minnesota Food Manager Certification

Health inspection tips for supervisors with Minnesota Food Manager certification

Even though it’s inevitable, a visit from the local health inspector tends to take local restaurant and food production facilities by surprise. Rather than panic upon their arrival, we have a few ideas that can help your inspection go smoothly.

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Three Health Tips for the Dedicated MN Certified Food Manager

Frankenstein as sick looking MN Certified Food Manager

MN Certified Food Manager’s Guide to Staying Healthy on the Job Food management professionals take a lot of responsibility upon themselves, often to the detriment to their own well-being. We have three quick tips that we feel can help hardworking,

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Food Manager Certification MN Guide to Sanitizer Solutions

MN Certified Food Manager creating sanitizer

Your sanitizer solution is one of the key elements in ensuring food safety and preventing food-borne illness. This week, we’d like to discuss how to be certain that you’re mixing and using your sanitizer solution properly for maximum effectiveness.  

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