Benefits of ServSafe MN Classes for Front of the House Staff

When food safety is discussed, we usually see food production or restaurant kitchen issues being addressed. We have noticed that training for front of the house restaurant staff is many times incomplete or overlooked. Something that we are often asked is whether there are any benefits in ServSafe MN classes for wait-staff, bartenders and front of the house supervisors. We feel that there are indeed benefits to going beyond the standard food worker training for your front of the house staff that can make your restaurant safer and free from food-borne illness.


How ServSafe MN Classes Can Help Your Service Staff


Even though your service-staff members are not the major producers of food that is served to your guests, they are an integral part of the process. There are several reasons why they should be fully trained and knowledgeable about all safe food production standards.


One of the first reasons is quite simple. Bartenders and wait-staff do in fact prepare and handle food items that will end up on your guests’ tables. Garnishes for drinks, sides and other ready to serve items may be prepared by your front of the house staff. It is important for them to know proper storage and handling rules for each item that they will handle.



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Second, servers and front of the house supervisors are often asked questions by diners that involve food safety concerns or questions. If your front of the house staff can instantly answer the question without returning to the kitchen to find a certified food manager, they will be able to provide faster and better service to your guests. Front of the house supervisors may wish to participate in ServSafe certification training in order to achieve Minnesota food manager certification. This will allow them to be the designated food manager in your restaurant if your chef or kitchen manager is not in the building.


A third reason we’d like to discuss is that there are often times when the kitchen may be short staffed and an ambitious front of the house member may be called upon to help. Whether they are assisting with prep work or cooking meals, having in-depth food safety knowledge will help keep everything that is produced safe for your guests.


Food must go through several hands before it arrives at a restaurant goer’s table. Taking precautions and providing training for every member of your team is important and will go a long way towards providing a happy and healthy restaurant experience.

Is your front staff already fully trained and knowledgeable about all safe food production standards? Is this something you’ll consider? What’s your opinion? Leave a comment we’d like to hear from you.

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