How ServSafe in MN can Help Jump Start Your Culinary Career

Jump start your culinary career with Servsafe MN

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With the rising popularity of culinary reality shows hosted by celebrities and book store shelves bulging with the world’s most famous chefs’ latest cookbooks and foodie guides, interest in culinary arts careers has never been higher. With this rising interest, we’re hearing from seasoned professionals that the job market is more competitive than ever. If veterans of the industry are expressing frustration over the competitive nature of the industry, where does that leave those seeking to begin their pursuit of a career as a chef?


Three Tips to Help Pursue Your Culinary Dreams


We have three tips that should help you get noticed as you begin your career, and help your resume stand out to prospective employers.


  • Complete ServSafe in MN
  • Consider culinary school
  • Get your foot in the door


The first two items on our list will look great on your resume. If you’re beginning your culinary career but have very little industry experience, executive chefs and human resource managers will take note of these two items. Making sure that you have been certified ServSafe in MN will show initiative by having necessary certifications out of the way even before you have interviewed for a position.


Culinary education is easier to obtain now more than ever. Gone are the days where serious culinary students would have to go to expensive schools in New York, Chicago and Los Angeles. Many community colleges, technical schools and junior colleges offer two-year culinary arts programs. Enrollment in one of these programs will show prospective restaurant managers that you have the drive to grow and become an asset.


With a limited number of jobs out there, our third tip may sound intimidating. Many places won’t take a chance on inexperienced candidates for certain positions, but you may be able to find an entry level position such as a prep cook or dishwasher open in many restaurants. Another tip for getting your foot in the door is to have reasonable expectations for your first industry job. While your ultimate goal may be to work for the fanciest five-star restaurant in the city, unless you have connections you’ll have to start smaller. We’re not saying to lower your expectations for your entire career, but building a resume takes time and perseverance. Don’t be afraid to work lunch, breakfast or for chain restaurants, and never give up.


Safe Food Training schedules regular food manager certification MN and re-certification courses at several convenient Twin Cities locations.

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