An Ounce of Prevention is Worth… Thousands of Dollars!

food-safetyThe Centers for Disease Control estimates close to 50 million illnesses a year result from food contamination. Food contamination is a growing concern. From spreading viruses on cruise ships to foods being recalled by processing plants, millions of dollars are being spent to correct conditions that, in many cases, could have been prevented by proper training and more careful handling.


Stories of two outbreaks of viruses have appeared in the local news recently. Curiously, both of them happened in the city of Maple Grove, a few miles northwest of Minneapolis. Dinner rolls were identified as the likely source of bacteria at the Old Country Buffet. It was believed that a cross-contamination with raw chicken resulted in some 36 people being infected by salmonella enteritidis.

The second outbreak, at Chuck E. Cheese’s, was apparently not food borne. The norovirus was believed to be spread by customers touching games and play equipment before eating their meal. Recent studies have suggested that this type of disease can also be spread by handling menus prior to eating at a restaurant. “Wash your hands before you eat,” said Bill Belknap, Hennepin County Health Department spokesman. Wise advice in every case.

Courses in food safety certification MN can provide excellent training of food managers and restaurant staff. This training, which can be taken on-line if desired, provides food service and restaurant managers with the knowledge they need to be more successful in preventing food borne illnesses.

Tips to stop cross-contamination, and the spread of germs; tips for maintaining sanitary food-contact surfaces; for keeping tables spotlessly clean and presenting a good image to your customers—these are just a few of the many skills learned when training in food safety certification MN. These things are vital to maintaining a clean, healthy, germ-free environment.


It is the responsibility of all food handlers to provide safe food. Failure to do so can be a serious financial burden if you are faced with business closures and lawsuits. And victims, which could likely include the company’s own employees, may lose work and require expensive medical treatment resulting in both monetary and human costs. It’s to everyone’s benefit to try to prevent further outbreaks.

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