Minnesota’s #1 Cause of Food-borne Outbreaks

Norovirus is responsible for about 60% of the food borne outbreaks in Minnesota every year. Symptoms include severe stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting and the onset time can be as short as few hours. It is absolutely critical that those with food manager certification in MN understand how people can spread Norovirus and that the threat of this highly contagious disease is taken seriously. Employees must be trained to take the responsibility of protecting customers and one another from this illness to heart.

Norovirus is transmitted by the germs of an infected person, contaminated food and water, and by touching contaminated surfaces. Restaurants, day care centers and other establishments that serve food and their workers can easily spread this illness by being too casual about washing their hands. Many otherwise conscientious employees mindlessly touch their eyes and noses or put their fingers in their mouths by chewing fingernails or tasting food and cause unsuspecting people to become violently sick.

There is no immunity to Norovirus, people can get sick many times over. Due to the extreme nature of the symptoms, Norovirus is very dangerous for young children and older adults, even causing death. Health experts have discovered that it is the most common of all food borne disease in the US.

Norovirus = Food-borne OutbreaksFood manager certification in MN covers preventative measures that will protect many thousands of people from this virus which will keep employees and customers healthier and safer.

The best way to prevent Norovirus is proper hand washing and overall cleanliness. The youth and inexperience of many employees in food service mean there may be a lack of respect of the urgency of this health risk. Employees must be trained, coached and made to understand the importance of protecting against the spread of Norovirus or any food borne illness and the correct techniques of hand washing and cleaning are not silly, they are critically important.

A safe and clean establishment where both employees and customers are protected from preventable diseases is an operation to be proud of.

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